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Follow Donnie's journey as he tries Smartskin CO2 - Laser Skin Renewal!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014; 12:00 PM
On wedding day, you want to be the best version of yourself! Beauty is not just skin deep, but since the photographer will capture moments that will remain part of your life forever, it's important to look and FEEL your best. Here at Donnie Brown Weddings, we go the extra mile to insure that our brides and grooms look and feel perfect on their big day! This includes scheduling appointments with dietitians for a healthy weight loss program, introducing clients to top fitness instructors/trainers to target trouble zones, referring and researching specialists for specific needs and finally, one of the most important things you can do, find a skin care professional! Makeup can cover a lot, but the goal is to enhance what is already beautiful! No matter the quality of the artist or products, nothing will make a bigger difference than radiant, healthy, young looking skin! [More]

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Things to avoid the week before your wedding!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014; 2:30 PM

We know how stressful that last week before the big day can be, but DO NOT go overboard and start making a lot of changes! The worst thing you can do is second guess yourself! This is not the time to overreact and try every overnight fix!
Plan... Plan... Plan...
In this blog, we have listed the top 20 things NOT to do the week of your wedding! [More]

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What are the Pros and Cons of Getting Married in a Church

Tuesday, April 1, 2014; 12:00 PM

Before we dig in, let us say that we are neither encouraging nor discouraging anyone getting married in a church! When we refer to a church, we do not mean one specific religion or denomination. We are simply referring to a religious venue to hold your marriage ceremony!

We certainly understand that there are a lot of things to consider when deciding on this important venue. This blog is intended for those that are questioning if they are wanting to get married in a church versus other venues such as a ballroom, museum, on the beach or in a park!

If you book a church for your ceremony, there are several factors beyond availability to consider. Capacity is generally not an issue, unless you have selected a quaint chapel, but often a large sanctuary can be a bit overwhelming for a small ceremony. Church rules are normally extensive and put in place to preserve the sacred environment. Count on regulations regarding decor, and don't be surprised if you are required to donate any flowers used during the ceremony to the church! Some religions provide couples counseling or retreats prior to the ceremony and some still will not perform interfaith weddings. Before deciding on a church, look at the sanctuary carefully. A chief structural consideration is the width of the center aisle (or if there is a center aisle). There must be ample room for you and your escort to walk without fear of interfering with decor or having your dressed stepped on!!! [More]

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"The average women falls in love 7 times a year, 6 times are with shoes." - Kenneth Cole

Thursday, March 20, 2014; 10:22 AM

Choosing the right shoes for your wedding weekend is the perfect finishing touch for your look! Remember, you need to choose shoes for the bridemaids brunch, rehearsal dinner,something for while getting dressed (please do not wear ugly flip flops while getting dressed, especially if the photographer will be taking pictures during that time), ceremony/reception and the post-wedding brunch!!!!!

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Southern Traditions Part II

Friday, March 7, 2014; 3:00 PM

Southern Traditions Part 2
Some things are tradition, some things are superstitious... Either way, we are completely in love with southern wedding traditions (and not just because we live in the south)!!! This blog is a continuation of the Southern Traditions Part I, we are exploring alllllllll those wonderful long standing traditions!
5) Lighter-colored Menswear: For most of the year, it's just too darn hot to force your men to wear stuffy tuxes, which is just fine with us! [More]

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Southern Wedding Traditions Part 1

Friday, February 28, 2014; 2:16 PM

Some things are tradition, some things are superstitious... Either way, we are completely in love with southern wedding traditions (and not just because we live in the south)!!! How do you go about creating a southern wedding? Consider the options. The food, the people and alllllllll those little details can project a wonderfully southern drawl! In this blog, we are going to explore those long standing traditions! What are they? Why do some partake in them? And finally, in true southern fashion, how do we make them bigger and more fabulous!

1) Bridal Portraits: Yes, this is a tradition that many brides partake in, but bridal portraits are especially important in the south!!! Years ago, having a photographer at a wedding was unusual, so this was the only way that one had a keepsake of their wedding day. Historically, southern parents-of-the-bride would display the portrait in their home. Today, they are still elegantly framed and put on prominent display at the wedding reception for each and every guest to see and perhaps in a parents or the couples home too. Remember, a engagement portrait is to be displayed at the ceremony site, and the bridal portrait at the reception site. You never show the bride's photo prior to her walking down the aisle. It is most important in the south to make her first appearance a special moment. [More]

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Great Gatsby Inspiration

Monday, February 10, 2014; 3:15 PM
Here at Donnie Brown Weddings and Events, we have been inundated with requests for a popular new theme. The Great Gatsby craze, has us inspired to gather and share some inspiration that will take your event from just a 20's theme party, to a Gatsby-worthy event! So, get out the flapper dress and champagne flutes, we are going to travel back to the Jazz Age with our collection of inspiring images and thoughts.

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